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dirty-laundry2008 like all the pervious years are filled with scandals, some of which shocked us to the core, they made us say, “Say it isn’t so”. We have put together a list of the five dumbest things done by public figures in 2008.

(1) Eliot Spitzer, Squeaky clean or so we think Governor of  New York, implicated in a prostitution ring paying thousands of dollars (We hope not tax payers money) to sleep with Prostitutes. The reason we are shocked by this was because Eliot Spitzer was known as the Slayer of  Wall Street when he was New York attorney General. He was out on a crusade for all the Wall Street  so called bad guys.

(2) John Edwards, seemed like a stand up guy, in the Democratic primaries, until some woman accused him of having an affair and having a love child. We say, “Say it is not so”. We loved John Edwards this really shocked us to the core, because of the situation with his wife (Healthwise). In an August 8, 2008 statement, and an interview with  ABC News, Edwards admitted the affair with Hunter in 2006 but denied being the father of her child. He acknowledged that he had been dishonest in denying the entire Enquirer story, admitting that some of it was true, but said that the affair ended long before the time of the child’s conception.

(3) Jessie Jackson caught on camera making crude remarks about Barack Obama. We were shocked that he would do such a thing on television and Fox News at that. The tapes were played over and over and Jessie apologized for this act of jealousy which seemed to have blown out of proportion. Jessie was later seeing crying at Election night when Obama won the election.

(4) Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s resignation was the second major political scandal – after Mark Foley – to revolve around text messages. Dogged with controversies throughout his term, from wild parties involving strippers at his official residence, the murder of a stripper and claims that he fired police whistle blowers, the nattily-dressed Kilpatrick was eventually undone by his sexual chatter with his chief of staff Christine Beatty.

(5) Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich aleggedly caught on wire tapes trying to sell the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Barack Obama. After numerous cries for him to step down he proclaims his innocense.