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NN_27obama2Barack Obama defied the odds in 2008, the year he became the first African American to be nominated by a major political party and becoming the president elect of the United States of America. Its been a long road for the senator from Illinois whose slogan throughout his bid for president was “Yes we can”. Obama persevered after a long and rocky road to become the Democratic front runner for president. He faced stiff competition from a former first lady, a woman who was adored by a majority of women in the United States for her tenacity and will power and for championing  social causes, (Education, and Health Care), New York Senator Hillary Clinton.

Many people stated that Obama reminded them of another Democratic President who defied the odds to become President of the United States, (John Fitzgerald Kennedy). Obama was popular with the college crowd, the ones who cried for change, and as Obama puts it during his campaign trail, “Change that you can believe in”. The Younger Democrats supported Obama from the get go, they stood by him through the reverend Wright scandal, the Bill Ayers debacle, the 2am advertisement, the Obama is a Muslim debacle, and the final straw which was the Joe the Plumber debacle. What older politicians seem to not understand is that they cannot under estimate the power of the younger voting block and that they are not prone to threats as previous generations and that mudslinging is not cool.

Obama will inherit a huge problem when he takes office in a few weeks from today, A Economy is recession, two wars, (Afganistan conflict, and the war in Iraq), but his first test will definately be how he and his new Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton will handle the crisis which errupted a few weeks ago in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinian territory on the Gaza Strip. The world is waiting to see how this will be handled. Will their be a sit down between all the major parties involved as Obama proposed during his campaign. It will be interesting to see how this one unfolds.

The Economy is also another challenge which Obama will face, with all the major Wall Street Banks gone the jobless claims are up and more and more people are defaulting on their mortgages and other loans the only solution is to pump more money in the economy, because raising taxes might not be the best option in such an economy.

Keeping the country safe is another are which might be of challenge for Obama and his cabinet, because like it or not their has truly not been a major attack on the United States since the September 11th 2001 attacks, which is something the Republican party would like the country to remember, but as Obama once said, “Yes we can”, so we also have to wait to see how this one plays out. He already has the right team in place and as even chosen Robert Gates who is the Defense Secretary of the Bush Administration and the Defense Secretary of his Administration. This move outraged many Democrats and critics who chided Obama for wanting change but chose Gates who was a major player in the Bush Administration. Obama supporters states that this is Obama showing that his is the New Great Uniter and this he can work with both Democrats and Republicans.