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Ann Coulter is on TV blabbling about how the liberals are responsible for the things that are happening. We know she always try to push boundaries always writing provocatively to get attention. Whoop called her out on that during the episode, saying “its an act”

Watch and enjoy!


tinaTina Fey’s name seems to be turning up on every list this year. She has been named the star of the year. (TV GUIDE, Vanity Fair). Fey has impeccable wit and comedic timing. She has been staring and writing her own show on NBC called thirty rock, but it was when Fey first blurted out on screen that “Bitch is the New Black”, back when Hillary Clinton was running against then Presidential Hopeful Barack Obama that she actually caught our attention.

Tina gives hope to all the writers out their that you can be nerdy (being a writer) and hot all at the same time. Tina’s success as a comedian reached its pinnacle when presidential hopeful John McCain chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Tina Fey has a striking resemblance to Sarah Palin who was a punching bag for the liberal media. Tina capitalized on all the negative press that Sarah received on the satirical series on NBC called Saturday Night live. Fey had being a writer for Saturday Night Live for many years but playing Sarah Palin brought her the most recognition and a boost in the ratings for the show. According to Vanity Fair Tina Fey received a 5 million dollar book deal as a result of her playing Sarah Palin. Fey also saw her show won the Best Comedy Series at the 2008 Emmy Awards with Fey also winning the Best Actress trophy.


That What we call a great year!!!!

This Funny or Die Website has really caught our eye since the whole Paris Hilton/John McCain debacle earlier this year when John McCain in his presidential cam

paign compared then presidential hopeful Barack Obama

 to Paris Hilton. Hilton took to funny or die to attack John McCain.

Rebecca Romijin and her husband Jerry O’Connell took to the site to spoof their pregnancy!


81707316RM072_Baltimore_RavWe were all excited about Sundays game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys loss the game but what we did not know was that Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Collapsed in the Shower after the Cowboys were defeated. Romo reportedly had bruised ribs, but we are glad that everything seems to be Ok with him.

According to People Magazine, Romo spoke to Dallas Morning News telling them Um, you know, I was just a little banged up, I guess.”